Hello, I'm Mitchell Hollander. An exuberant software developer based in Oahu, Hawaii.

As a passionate programmer I enjoy creating digital experiences through beautiful design and semantic code with extensive knowledge of the following technologies:

About Me

When it comes to software development, I specialize in UI/UX and full-stack web development using the latest techniques and concepts to build minimally designed and collaborative solutions for both clients and associates.

As a developer, I enjoy utilizing modern frameworks and technologies such as React or Vue to create interactive user experiences while writing clean and semantic code. With a passion for self-learning, I strive to improve and challenge myself by applying industry best practices and staying informed with emerging trends.

Aside from programming, I also have a great interest in film and photography, especially 35mm slide film. You can often find me traversing through the streets of Oahu, metering light, and taking candid shots of folk with my trusty Leica M6 and a roll of Fujichrome Provia 100F.

When I'm not snapping photos or coding, one might also find me sipping on an Aviation while reading up on the history of classic cocktails as its told by David Wondrich and his take on the culture of mixology.